Welcome to Little Sweethearts

Have you ever wanted a baby?
A reborn baby from Little Sweethearts is
  • Adorable
  • So life-like – your friends will think it’s a real baby
  • Comes ready to love with own birth certificate

Has none of the disadvantages of a real baby:

  • No 9 months carrying the baby before it is born
  • No painful giving birth in hospital
  • No nappies to change
  • No sleepless nights
  • No baby being sick down your new top
  • No ‘terrible twos’ when toddler will do the opposite of whatever you ask, empty your kitchen cupboards, throw dinner bowl on the floor, pull the dog’s tail, torment the cat, run amok…
  • No uncooperative teenager years

Just a tiny, newborn baby to love and cherish without any of the drawbacks!